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Our Most Stimulating Strains of Kratom

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As an organic substance, kratom is a product of variety. Depending on where and how the plant is cultivated, a kratom harvest can possess different characteristics and properties. For instance, some kratom variants — or “strains” — have stimulating aromas, while others are considered to be more relaxing in comparison.

If you’re looking for ways to fight a lack of energy and boost concentration, our most stimulating kratom strains could give you the edge you need. While no strain is “one-size-fits-all,” we’ve compiled a list of several kratom strains that our customers often swear by.


Our Most Stimulating Kratom Strains

White Maeng Da

As one of the most renowned strains in existence, Maeng Da is practically synonymous with kratom — and for good reasons. Kratom enthusiasts and novices alike frequently praise Maeng Da’s potency which is often considered to be higher than other strains.

True to form, White Maeng Da — the white-veined variant of Maeng Da — is regularly regarded as one of the most stimulating kratom strains. Made from youthful kratom leaves, the strain’s aroma is very stimulating and can excel at alleviating a lack of energy and promoting concentration. In addition, many users have been particularly impressed by the strain’s aromatic ability to elevate mood. Additionally, given the strain’s reputation, Maeng Da is often priced higher than other stimulating kratom strains.

White Borneo

As its name suggests, Borneo kratom is sourced from the Borneo rainforests where kratom grows naturally in abundance. Like Maeng Da kratom, the Borneo family of kratom strains has existed for decades and remains a frequent top-seller.

White Borneo — the white-veined variant of Borneo kratom — is made from young kratom leaves that are harvested earlier than their red and green kratom strains. From here, kratom farmers dry the leaves in the sun and grind them into a fine powder. The result is one of the most stimulating kratom strains that regularly ranks alongside classics like White Maeng Da in terms of popularity and customer satisfaction.

White Borneo’s aroma is often described as strongly stimulating and mood-elevating. Users have commented that the strain’s aroma helps stave off tiredness during long work days or while completing mundane tasks. Manual laborers throughout Southeast Asia have traditionally used kratom for these exact purposes.

Unfortunately, not all of White Borneo’s properties are easily commended. Like most white kratom strains, White Borneo seems to possess a shorter duration of aroma in comparison to similar green kratom strains. Also, the strain doesn’t seem to be particularly soothing — a characteristic that some users find to be conducive to focus.

Green Thai

When shopping for the most stimulating kratom strains, most customers opt for white vein kratom which is generally considered to be among the most energizing kratom variants; however, green kratom strains often possess similarly stimulating aromas making them equally viable choices.

If you’re looking for a green-vein strain with a stimulating aroma, Green Thai is one such option. Just don’t take the strain’s name so literally: although the “Thai” moniker suggests that it’s grown in Thailand, kratom has been illegal to grow in Thailand for nearly a century with the country only recently legalizing medicinal kratom cultivation. Instead, most Green Thai kratom is sourced from Indonesia — a neighboring Southeast Asian country that happens to be the world’s largest exporter of kratom.

Like the most stimulating kratom strains, Green Thai possesses a stimulating and mood-elevating aroma that’s derived from the plant’s semi-mature leaves. While Green Thai might not be as energizing as other comparable white vein kratom strains, its aroma seems to last a bit longer. As a result, Green Thai might be particularly ideal for those who prefer a longer-lasting aroma over one that’s highly-stimulating but short-lived.

Green Sumatra

While Green Sumatra hasn’t managed to attain the fame and reputation of strains like White Maeng Da and Green Thai, it certainly seems to be capable of doing so.

Sourced from the jungles of Sumatra, top-quality Green Sumatra is made from the finest semi-matured kratom leaves and ground into a fine-grain powdered consistency. Aromatically, the strain is often described as somewhat stimulating and is thought to be on-par with Green Thai in terms of potency, making it well-suited as one of the most stimulating kratom strains.

However, Green Sumatra’s most distinguishing aromatic feature is its mood-boosting potential which seems to eclipse that of Green Thai and is accentuated by a long-lasting duration. As a result, if you derive your vitality and sharpness from a prolonged improved mood, Green Sumatra could be the ideal complement to a busy and tiring day.

That said, like most kratom strains, Green Sumatra is far from perfect. While stimulating, Green Sumatra might not provide the aromatic zest of other comparable white kratom strains. And — despite being one of the most stimulating kratom strains, Green Sumatra doesn’t have the market presence of other strains which limits its availability.

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Please note that the US FDA has not approved kratom to be sold for human consumption, sold for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA. None of the products sold on our website are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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